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Report 03-13-2016


At this moment we currently have some database problem. We are working on it and will fix this as soon as posible. We are very sorry and hope you guys can continue support us.

Thank you!



We know our website has a lot of links died. Please help us by replying in any post you need to re-upload. We will re-upload asap. Thank in advance.

You are welcome :)

Appeal for the website’s closed for a past few days issue


The past few days we were faced some server’s issues caused of all datas error. Howevers, we could access website normally after all of our efforts. We are trying to fix “No Picture” error on website, sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Thank for visiting Share-Films.net
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ボテドン & 洗脳客室乗務員~気の強い客室乗務員を洗脳して特別奉仕乗務員に改変 & 原村さんが孕むまで & 幸せな大妖精 前篇 薬漬けの処女喪失

[チャンネルざくろ] ボテドン
[DLメイト] 洗脳客室乗務員~気の強い客室乗務員を洗脳して特別奉仕乗務員に改変
[蒙古猛烈破砕団] 原村さんが孕むまで
[破り処] 幸せな大妖精 前篇 薬漬けの処女喪失
Release: 2013/06/27
Size: 241MB ( + 5% Recovery )
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ファミレスTSF入れ替わり~強制男女性転換 第1話 & もしも世界が女子ばかりになったら & お兄ちゃんは、貞操帯奴隷。 & 普乳ちびっこ・ちまいちゃん

[ろじえーる] ファミレスTSF入れ替わり~強制男女性転換 第1話
[DLメイト] もしも世界が女子ばかりになったら
[僕はマゾです] お兄ちゃんは、貞操帯奴隷。
[マイクロ脱兎] 普乳ちびっこ・ちまいちゃん
Release: 2013/05/18
Size: 98MB ( + 5% Recovery )
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DOAハーレム建設予定 & ニライカナエ & The Tales of Tickling vol.5 & 絶頂戦士エレクトン ~エレクトン誕生編~

[しまぱん] DOAハーレム建設予定
[Gぱんだ] ニライカナエ
[擽―Tick―] The Tales of Tickling vol.5
[オリハズマ] 絶頂戦士エレクトン ~エレクトン誕生編~
Release: 2013/05/15
Size: 239MB ( + 5% Recovery )
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先輩サキュバスによる新人研修! 2人のサキュバスに、絞りつくされてみる? & 桃華れんの小刻みに吸い付くフェラチオがエロくてザーメンの生産が追いつかないフェラチオボイスドラマ

[ristorante] 先輩サキュバスによる新人研修! 2人のサキュバスに、絞りつくされてみる?
[human chair] 桃華れんの小刻みに吸い付くフェラチオがエロくてザーメンの生産が追いつかないフェラチオボイスドラマ
Release: 2013/03/12
Size: 263MB ( + 5% Recovery )
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*その女、評価し過ぎが如くしゃぶる & 家庭教師ユリのチョコレートTS催眠

[ajaib suara] その女、評価し過ぎが如くしゃぶる
[風呂井戸ソフト] 家庭教師ユリのチョコレートTS催眠
Release: 2013/02/19
Size: 248MB ( + 5% Recovery )
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ザ・バストオブファイターズ & 虐獄

[ウォーターベリル] ザ・バストオブファイターズ
[静紅鳥] 虐獄
Release: 2013/02/01
Size: 253MB ( + 5% Recovery )
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期間限定おまとめパックVol.4 & 精液研究倶楽部 & Secret Love & すべてのパパにささげます!!~パパとエッチな基礎練習~

[Yasuomi-Craft] 期間限定おまとめパックVol.4
[サボテン] 精液研究倶楽部
[R.S.G.] Secret Love
[RANTERN CHORD] すべてのパパにささげます!!~パパとエッチな基礎練習~
Release: 2013/01/05
Size: 246MB ( + 5% Recovery )
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Hope we can stand together in this hard time.


Recently we found out that someone has been DDoS our website. However we don’t have enough time to manage and protect our site from DDoS! YES, WE DON’T HAVE TIME TO DO IT!!!

We have our real-life job to do, not just upload and sharing! Although upload and sharing bring us money but it is not much! In fact, we did it for fun or can said that’s hobbies.

I know everything became harder after the SOPA/PIPA, from hosting to the doujin source, and as I know, many people leech our Doujin posts to other sites (maybe include the one who DDoS us ) since our posts are unique on the internet and you couldn’t find at anywhere else.

If we stop posting, we’re all at a loss! We lose money, you guys lose the source and money too.

Here is the thing I want to said personally to the guy who DDoS us: “WE WON’T CONTINUE TO SHARE NEW DOUJIN AND EVERYONE WILL GAIN NOTHING.” So we hope you guys can stop DDoS us, we don’t need to become enemy.

Thanks for reading,