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Temporary stop supporting Uploaded.to’s links.

Hi guys,

Recently this hosting showed a lot of drawbacks like not supporting paypal for premium purchasing, constant changes in policies without people’s acknowledgement, unstable download speed in some regions, etc. Thus, we have come to a decision to stop supporting Uploaded.to’s links.

However, we will still provide Uploaded.to’s links if you request. If you want to purchase a premium account, for now you should choose Turbobit.net. Their service has been launched for quite long time and prooved very stable. Please purchase premium account from our upload links, this will help a lot.

Thanks and have a nice day.

We are back

Hi guys,

We are so sorry that website was attacked and inserted virus, therefore has to closed for a few days. We have managed to find out and solve the problem and things are getting back to normal.

We will bring you only the best service, we won’t stop because we have you stay with us, thanks for everything.

Have a nice day!


Hi guys,
For now our website is having some technical issue, temporarily website can only be accessed by using IE, sorry for the inconvenience. We are trying our best to solve the problem asap.

News on February 25th 2012

Hi guys,

Thank for your support recently, right now our website is often unstable, most of the old links are unavailable and we are unable to re-up. We also stop uploading games and doujins because of some personal reasons.

After much discussion we have decided to maintain the website and try to focus on sharing more than earning money from it. We will try our best to serve you guys and get along well with other websites as well as improve website post’s quality.

From now on games, doujins, CGs will be updated again. We will also try to re-up asap.

Thanks for being with us in this hard time,
Have a nice day!


Sorry for keep you waiting for game re-up, the guy who is in charge of this part is currently having family affair so all requests and new games will be updated this Saturday, thanks.

Share-Films.net’s situation and new development

We are trying our best to serve you, the truth is we don’t want to make Share-Films.net a only-Japanese website but it is very hard for us to upload files. Uploading speed to EU servers is very slow becaus all of our servers are in US. Though we have to upload at 10-20KB/s, we still manage to do our work.

Uploaded.to have reduced their affiliate money from 15EUR/1000 download to 5EUR/1000 download, and Turbobit always seems to be overloaded. Hotfile.com is a tradeoff because our accounts will be banned immediately as soon as someone reports Hotfile’s links. We are trying to contact some server services in EU to increase upload speed so that there can be addition mirror link from hosters, please be patient and believe us.

Above all we hope that you can download easily, so stay with us in this hard time, thank you so much.

Hi friend,

Thanks for your suggestion, that help us realize many things. We need 850$ per month to maintain the servers as well as make a living.
We will not launch the VIP member program and cut down the server numbers as you wish.

As our observation, many websites have had to close, Share-Films.net is one rare site that keep providing you with Doujin daily. While none of hosting sites seem stable enough, Hotfile.com is choosen as an alternative. We recommend that you shouldn’t purchase a premium yet because Hotfile.com’s links will easily be deleted after being reported.
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Become a VIP member to get best service. (Close)

$29.99 for one month VIP member.

The situation is getting worse now, all hosting services in US are not certain about their own future. We can’t maintain without money for website and work supporting servers either. We need resources to run 7 servers :( . Besides in order to give you a better service, we propose a VIP member program:
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Share-Films.net – Keep moving forward

Latest news from hosting services will be updated right away at this post’s comment, thank you. Uploaded.to has ban US IP but that didn’t affect us much because their servers are in EU.

Update: 2012/01/25

We are building a VIP member system to serve users better. VIP member can download from Mediafire, Rapidshare,… But now we must wait for news from hosting sites.

We have received many comments and suggests on some hosting that can be used, but at this time 90% of hosting sites are about to close, those still working are overloaded. Therefore upload speed is very slow, almost unable to carry out. Please understand and wait for updating news, thanks. Your backup will certainly help to maintain and develop the website.

Have a nice day,
Thank you.

If you have a USA or CANADIAN IP, use Proxies from Asia, the Middle East or South America, NOT The Phillapines!!!

Japan, China and Korea have a say NO to the FBI and that even if laws are passed in the USA will not have any value within the sovereignty of their countries!

At this time we don’t guarantee any hosting site, so if you are intended to buy a uploaded.to premium account just go for 1 month only. We haven’t found a particular hosting for alternative because those hosting are now mass deleting files and accounts. All news will be updated as soon as possible, thanks!

Update: 2012/01/24

Filesonic.com was disable our accounts :(

Update: 2012/01/23

Thanks for your encouragement and love all the time. Yesterday Filesonic’s closing totally caused chaos to everything. For now we are not sure about anything, but we will try our best to keep Share-Films alive. Please download with uploaded.to, this will helps us a little bit. Thanks again.

We will keep updating news so please visit Share-Films.net for latest information. And sorry for can not sharing Filesonic.com’s account, it contains much of our important information. Sorry for the inconvenience .

Latest news from Filesonic.com:

*** All sharing functionality on FileSonic is now disabled. Our service can only be used to upload and retrieve files that you have uploaded personally.

If this file belongs to you, please login to download it directly from your file manager. ***


Hi all,

Today we was received news that Filesonic.com closed their affiliate program. We really sock and cant believe in what we are looking, all that we tried hard in the pass were nonsense. We tried our best but think this time to take a look back and say goodbye.

We really pleased thanks to everyone who was follow and contributed for Share-Films day by day, but it’s time try to say goodbye to each others. We will not take enough money to maintain server to serve you all, over the attack DDOS on our website by someone daily.

We will try to maintain website until February, we will not delete any Filesonic links till that time so you can still be supported to download link from Filesonic as our thank to everyone who supported us in the pass.

Hello attacker, we feel admire to your for your keep firmly to attack our website in 3 months always. But its nonsense now, you want to compete to take higher position than us by many ways but untill now nothing’s changed. We are the same – the uploader who’s cheating by our bosses. We hope that you could pleasure stop your d-dos attacking for our website could steady running to serve everyone for the last some days of Share-Films.net

Wishes you a nice day, thanks for reading the whole story.
We love you all :)

We are temporary stop supporting Fileserve.

Updated at 2012/01/22
We made an decision that will not supporting Fileserve.com at all, in present all of uploaders’ accounts are defintely deleted and Fileserve scammed money of everyone. We are deleting all of the links on the website and we will use Uploaded.to for changes.
You all can download from the rest host that we posted. We support with high recommend for those host.
Sincerely thanks,

Read more here: http://www.wjunction.com/95-file-hosts-official-support/124951-fileserve-disabled-account.html

Hi friends,

Thank you for visiting Share-Films.net daily, we hope to give you the best service :).

Today we received an important news about Fileserve’s closing affiliate program and stop paying us.
We really felt disappointed because our earning was taken away, please understand and download from other hostings such as: Hotfile, Filesonic, Uploadstation, Filejungle,… as an alternative.

We will inform you about updating news from Fileserve.com, sorry for the inconvenience.
Have a nice day,
Thank you.

SOPA/PIPA and their impact on uploader


In recent days these two bills have caused total chaos on the internet and made people angry. We are not sure about the impact on hosting service companies, but some popular websites have become scammers and deleted many accounts without any reasons.

To avoid bad effects to Share-films.net members, we will inform you with updating news of the situation. For now we recommend you not to purchase premium account from one of these hosting sites:
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Be a member be a friend :)

Dear friends,
We are pleased to open again the ID registration for everyone to comments and discuss to each other. Hope you all would like to contribute new ideas and help other members solve their problems when playing games.

Link here: http://share-films.net/wp-login.php?action=register

Thanks all and with you a nice day!

PS: The problem that website does not show RSS Feed caused of our image CAPCHA to protect links and the Feedburner could not get the feeding from our website, we are still trying to fix it in the shortest time.