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Hello friends!
Share-Films.net was attacked and lost all data, we are trying to fix it as soon as possible, sorry for my trouble!
Thanks for supporting us :)

For everyone…

Dear my friends,

First, we sincerely thank you for visiting our website the past times, we always try to work hard to give people the best quality articles.

However, recently some people tried to attack, destroy our website makes access to website very difficult. We tried but could not overcome, we apologize to everyone because of this incident.
Over 1 week due to personal problems that made some SF Team members could not post on website that made lately update new products,on now we come back and try to do all the best that able to maintain the website with the latest articles. Thank you for the past time still decided to continue to access the website to download with all the difficulty – that’s the only way that the website could still exist until now.

We all spent a long time to build up and develop a Share-films.net, we are always changing to improve and grow more and more. I hope that you will still be the loyal supporters and visit every day, we guarantee you all our website will be stood still to serve the only last one person who eventually want to access the share-films.net.

We love you all,
Have a nice day!


Sorry about the quality of doujins that we posted on Share-Films.net about 2 recent week.

Since the last post on Share-Films.net because we have looking for and compiled from many different sources, we did not check the source carefully before posted on Share-Films.net, it make the post bugs as the font error and infomation from other websites. Seem like fucking off miserable little other guys just know how to advertising their websites without knowing advanced quality articles of their posts.

We feel very sorry for the uncareful worked to make your experience this inconvenience. From now on we will try to find and check carefully the doujins before it could be posted on Share-Films.net.

If you find any mistakes please inform us try to fix, we always try to change and improve on bringing best article quality for everyone!

Thank for reading 😉

Download FAQ

Hi friends,

First, we apologize for making you lose times to download on Share-Films.net. Due to recent, website is being undermined by many ways e.g, report links, DDOS and we did everything possible to keep our website’s running at best. All plans were made to maintain and develop the website:

– Paid more costs for upgrade server and hire a manager to handle the website to be more stable.
– Try to fix the link as fast as possible to serve you download all the times.

We need your supports, let build more and more for the development of our website all together, just visit the website every day and be calm when accessing the website take too long times, hope you understand and give us sympathy.
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We need more supporter

Hello friends,

Share-Films.net now growing very fast so we had to constantly upgrade and update the latest posts to serve everyone. We hope you will feel satisfied with the support quality of SF Team.

We want to open an item named “Games Support” in the hope that everyone helps each other so we can play all the game we loved to play. However, with SF Team’s own ability, we can hardly fulfill your wishes, so we urgently need you all, who could help us answer the variety of questions about the difficulties in install and play the games.
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Why we must protect links by CAPCHA and backup link?


Recent articles link on Share-Films.net often die very quickly, we searched and know that the main reason that is not by DMCA but some people report links.

We make all of our efforts to ensure that everybody feel satisfy with our website, but because of impossible to be continuously modified the big die links so we decided to use protect links by CAPCHA .

We hope that those of you who really want to download feel easy for our decision. We guarantee that all link die will be corrected as soon as requested by you.
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How to enable scripting in your browser ( fix error when you click link to open a blank page )

This Web site uses scripting to enhance your browsing experience.

To allow all Web sites in the Internet zone to run scripts, use the steps that apply to your browser:
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We apologize for all the incidents in the past days

Hello all,

Currently, Share-Films.net’s attacked and seriously threatened by some people deliberately want to destroy our website. It constantly having problems e.g, you can not download the links, links are reported, Baned IP, could not see the picture …

What we wanna say with you, that we guarantee will do everything for the website development and stood still against all attacks, so please you all who loves our website stay by our side to develop our playground more and more strong, please let us know whether the problem that you’re facing, we’ll try to fix as soon as possible with our best.

Temporarily our image server is under attack seriously, you all may can not browse the photos, so expect people to be calm, we will overcome this issue soon. ( Resolved )
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We apologize for the IP banning of some people in various countries.

Hi everyone,

Very thank you for supporting Share-Films.net in the past, we feel very happy when you always visit our website daily. Recently somedays in present somebody have tried to destruct Share-Films.net by continuously report all our links and DDOS that make a great loss for us.

However, with the enthusiasm and hard work of all Share-Films.net members, we confirmed that we will not stop and would like to do everything to put Share-Films.net a great development more and more in the present also the future.

If you encounter posts links that die, please comment for us for the re-upload, we will try to fix as soon as possible. If your IP is not accessible in Share-Films.net, I hope you can send a direct IP next to us, we will try to help so that you can access by the best way to Share-Films.net.

Support e-mail address: [email protected] ( or replay your IP here )

You will always find the best quality article from our website without any different website, if you see our efforts that helpful please dontate our website not by money but just by always supporting and introducing more people to the website.

We wish you a happy weekend!

PS: How can i check my ip address?

– Please visit here: Whatismyipaddress.com

Website’s overload due to too large traffic at the same time!

Hi friends,

Currently Share-Films.net frequently encountered the phenomenon unable to access from 16:00-20:00 (UTC +09:00 – Tokyo Time Zone) due to too many users trying to access at the same time.

We are very pleased that you have interested in Share-Films.net for the last time, so if you can not access the website at that moment,please try to access later about an hour ( 21:00), we are feeling very guilty that you are not satisfied.

We will try our best to find out and fix these problems as soon as possible.

Thank you very much and wish you a good day!

Supporter Share-Films.

Donate for Japan: Important links and information

A number of charities are accepting donations and help for the victims of Japan quake-tsunami disaster. However it’s important to exercise due diligence before making a donation to any organisation.

Following are the details. Keep coming back for an updated list.
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Get 2 Filesonic Premium Vouchers now (Complete)

Hello friends,

We are glad to inform everyone to know that today one of my Our friend has opened Hentainovel.com website to share his passion for all of us. We hope you will like and satisfied about it and please share what you feel and your opinions to us, please contribute your ideas to get the parts of gifts from us.

The reward will give to 2 people who have the best ideas.Wish you a nice day!

SF Team,
Good luck.

PS: Please leave your name + email contact so we can send prizes to you :)

Thank you for contributing valuable ideas to us toward increasingly complete our work. We sent the reward to 2 people who have the best of luck,Hope to see you frequently in the future.

Dear Milkysonic & shinjix7,
When you get rewards please replay comment back to me :)
Wish you a happy day!