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Hope we can stand together in this hard time.


Recently we found out that someone has been DDoS our website. However we don’t have enough time to manage and protect our site from DDoS! YES, WE DON’T HAVE TIME TO DO IT!!!

We have our real-life job to do, not just upload and sharing! Although upload and sharing bring us money but it is not much! In fact, we did it for fun or can said that’s hobbies.

I know everything became harder after the SOPA/PIPA, from hosting to the doujin source, and as I know, many people leech our Doujin posts to other sites (maybe include the one who DDoS us ) since our posts are unique on the internet and you couldn’t find at anywhere else.

If we stop posting, we’re all at a loss! We lose money, you guys lose the source and money too.

Here is the thing I want to said personally to the guy who DDoS us: “WE WON’T CONTINUE TO SHARE NEW DOUJIN AND EVERYONE WILL GAIN NOTHING.” So we hope you guys can stop DDoS us, we don’t need to become enemy.

Thanks for reading,

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  1. what money? can i make money on this site? btw use sukebei nyaa torrent. sukebei nyaa is better than your site. and there are too many hentai upload site already. anyways torrent is better than link. i don’t have fucking time to download those links.

    • You just can’t read what we said that we are the source, do you? Or are you too retared to understand it? There won’t be torrent for you dickhead if we don’t post the download links. I think an ungrateful person like you should stay away from our website. We could barely get enough money to hire server, so if you want us to share torrent maybe you could try to pay our server’s fee. Do so and with any post you like we will provide torrent + full line 1gbps seed.You like that???

      • Nice answer, you got balls like for someone who posts hentai ^^
        I didnt felt any issues with website recently, those ddos attacks become so common it feels like every idiot can do it. I hope you will stand strong just like with megaupload crisis.
        Thanks for all that hard work, dont leave us!

        • i think you’re retarded, some of the stuff here were uploaded to nyatorrent, if you dont find it here, you dont find it on nyatorrent, that simple. hash or sharedb maybe a different story but dont wanna learn to use another software as I got no time, so I’ll just stick to this site.

          I have about 40 sharing site bookmarked but only really look for other ones when this site link goes dead, but they usually reupload if you ask them to. a nice bunch/group of people really so stop fucking whining, you’re here cause you downloaded some hard to find stuff too, so chill out.

  2. How can I contact the site staff?

  3. Hello! Thank you for sharing these doujins for us!
    But some links were failed. Could you please reupload these two doujin?
    I looking for these two for years. Please, and thank you very much!!
    [影原重工] おねえさまといっしょ!格闘キャラ編 http://share-films.net/?p=36062
    [影原重工] おねえさまといっしょ!格闘キャラ編2 http://share-films.net/?p=35994

    • Hello! Sorry to bother you again, but I really want these two CG sets.
      So I was wondering could you please reupload these two files?
      Please, thank you very much!!
      I can offer you these CG-set as thank gifts.
      [影原重工] Animals
      [影原重工] Light & Shadow Thema GGX
      [影原重工] ONE-ITU ~舞~
      [影原重工] ONE-ITU DOAU
      [影原重工] skech02
      [影原重工] sketch01
      [影原重工] おねえさまといっしょ!DOA編
      [影原重工] おねえさまといっしょ!DOA編2
      [影原重工] おねえさまといっしょ!DOA編3
      [影原重工] お姉様といっしょ ~かすみ&あやね~
      [影原重工] くらくら
      [影原重工] とあるアニメの電影画集
      [影原重工] ヨーコにおまかせ
      [影原重工] わっちのきもち
      [影原重工] 舞 ~緊縛~

      Thanks again! Have a nice day. :)

    • Your request done :)

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