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Reason why Depositfiles.com’s links are being mass deleted


Recently our Depositfiles.com’s links are often deleted without any inform. Many links which have just been uploaded are then deleted immediately though we have changed md5 for files. We found out that MPAA are restricting their service, making strictly control on file management.

We suggest that you shouldn’t purchase premium account from Depositfiles.com because their future is still unknown, we’re not sure if they will follow filesonic or fileserve, deleting files and closing their service. We’re also not sure about Rapidgator because they are acquired by the former developer of Filesonic and Sharingmatrix. If you insist, Turbobit.net is a good choice. Their servers located in Russia and aren’t affected from MPAA.

We will keep you update with further information in order not to waste your money on premium account of some hostings. Please support us by purchasing premium account from our upload links.

Thanks, have a nice day :)

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  1. let me help you out says:

    let me help you out…start your own file sharing server…very easy. you can get servers with 100TB bandwidth for $250-$1000 dedicated servers strictly for file sharing.

    • Supporter says:

      It’s a pity we don’t have enough source to run a new hosting service. For now we can barely keep our servers running. We will try to provide you with links from stable hosting service. Thanks for the idea 😀
      Have a nice day!

  2. satuors13 says:

    Damn it sux cuz here in the good ol’ USA we just have to rely on DEPOSIT files and Rapidgator

  3.       says:

    I think Hotfile is working now.

  4. duncanbones says:

    Turbobit doesn’t work in the US. Rapidshare is your best choice internationally.

    • We understand that. However if provide links from only free hosting we can’t afford to maintain the website. Hope you can understand and please keep supporting us, thanks.

  5. thx for info on deposifiles but turbobit is really terrible. u can not download files, downloading discontinues with Turbo Access again and again and again, wasting time and money! bitshare would be greatful.

  6. Hopping around the net the MPAA still busting some file locker site like.
    Fileserve, MediaFire, Wupload, Putlocker and Depositfiles

  7. Also I agree that turbobit are in bad shape rightnow. I’m about to change to other hosts from Europe or something.

    • You can also try rapidgator or freakshare if encounter trouble with turbobit. We are still looking for more stable hostings to provide you with more mirror links. Thanks anw :)

  8. 心之海 says:

    Maybe try oron? I can download 200 KB/s in Asia for free account.


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