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We will provide original doujin without modification

Hi guys,

Earlier to prevent leeching posts from Share-Films.net we have decided to inserted ads into doujin, which have affected posts’ quality badly. From now on we will stop inserted ads into doujin from dlsite.com so that you will be provided with doujin in best shape.

We hope that this will make you satisfied, please visit Share-Films.net daily for newest posts. Our greatest goal is sharing, we will listen and change if that helps serve you better.

Thanks, have a nice day.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I think that it would be useful to have a (sub-)category for doujin games, probably in “Hentai Game” category. It will make navigation easier and faster.
    If you think so too, please make one.

    • Thanks for Sharing and very very great disision.

      in many case,…japanese charactor’s filename was corrupted (ex: &Ucb09&Uca81…) ,sometimes shared files couldn’t extract because too long name for filesystem.
      so i visited other site ealier.

      From now on,i’ll visit here first !!


  2. Thanks for introducing doujin subcategories. Next question: how can I filter all hentai games which aren’t doujin games?
    If I click “Doujin Game” category I can see all doujin games, if I click “Hentai Game” category I can see all H-games AND doujin H-games; how can I see H-games NOT in Doujin Game category?
    Maybe search field can be changed to accept “NOT” flag, for example, search for “(Hentai Game) AND NOT (Doujin Game)” will find what I described earlier… By the way, Google and some other search engines use – (minus) instead of NOT.

  3. If that’s the case, then why do the things I’ve downloaded in the voice category have your own links in the so called “original” archives? Doing that is what causes this: http://share-films.net/?p=74964

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