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We are sorry for servers’ down for the last few days

Hi guys,

It’s a shame that we had some problem with servers recently, and we had to suspend our work to fix these problems. For now everything is back on its normal condition, so you can access to website without any difficulties.

We understand that the situation now is dire, so we hope that any other websites please stand together for mutual development, we have no reason to face against each other at this time.

All Doujins from Share-Films.net are provide without adding any ads in order to share them with people. You can freely use them for sharing purpose without any worry. Hope that we can help each other to get over this hard time.

Again thank you for supporting us everyday, we will try our best to keep up our work.

Have a nice day!

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  1. Take your time. I consider this site a safe haven. Do whatever it takes to keep getting us quality content. I hope you will read this because I would like to thank you in the sincerest way possible. I’ve been looking for years for a site like yours. Quality content and keeping the files exactly the way they are. I know when I’m downloading a file here, it’s the real deal. Please fix whatever needs fixing, but I just want you/you guys to know that I support what you are doing.

    Thanks for everything, you guys rock.

    – Jack

    • Thank you. We are trying our best to develop and keep our website alive as well as answer to your comment and request.

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